Access to a user's tweets on a mass scale


Hi, I’m currently studying at university and my final project will require me to crawl a user’s twitter feed and essentially scrape their tweet’s. This is possible if i create a web crawler on the HTML, however i have been advised that the Twitter API would be the proper way to do this.

Is this a possibility even if i don’t have the credentials to the user, If so, can i be pointed in the right direction.



(moving to Developer Teatime as this is not a Streaming API question)

Please do not build a crawler that scrapes Twitter’s HTML. This is specifically against the Twitter Terms of Service and the Twitter Rules, both of which you agreed to when you signed up for the service.

Take a look at as a starting point with the API.

If an account is public, you can fetch up to 3200 of the most recent Tweets using the user timeline API. If the account is protected, you would need the user to authenticate through your app via the OAuth endpoint to grant access to the timeline endpoint.

For access to additional data, unfortunately you’d need to look into one of the enterprise data products, which is unlikely to be suitable for you as a research project.


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