Access Request for Ads API


We’re looking for Ads API access. Please pick up this ticket, Twitter Staff


Hi Adam,

To get started with the Ads API, please apply here.
Additionally, all our Ads API documentation can be found on our developer site.


We have two admins on the ad account. We filled out applications for both handles. The ad account is for multiple app IDs, and the application only allows for one: will the API access allow for pulling data for all associated app IDs?

And what if we add app IDs, or create another ad account in the future? Will the API access be granted for all ad accounts for which we have valid permissions?



@adamdobrin: I’m unclear what you mean by “pulling data for all associated app IDs”. Can you elaborate the use case you are trying to accomplish?

For reference, data/metrics are pulled at the account level for campaigns, line items, tweets, etc.


There are multiple app IDs on one account. In the application for ads API access, I only listed one app ID. I’m concerned that that access will only allow me to pull data for the app ID listed rather than everything in the account.


To pull data via our Ads API, there are four pieces of information needed to make a request: the consumer_key and consumer_secret (these belong to the app) as well as the token and secret (these belong to the user). For a majority of Ads API users, one approved app ID will provide the necessary authentication credentials to make calls to our API to pull data for any ad accounts you have access to. For information on granting access to multiple accounts/users, please refer to our Obtaining Ads Account Access documentation as well as this forum post.

Please let me know if you have a specific use case requiring multiple app IDs.

Finally, the following Getting Started documentation describes the differences and relationships between users (@handles) and ads accounts.


Thanks for the explanation: I’ll probably have to tinker with the API pulls before I have any more questions. About how long will it take to be provided Ads API access? Is there any way to expedite it?


Absolutely. We are happy to help. As far as API access, it usually takes 1-2 weeks for the team to review applications. However, this may take longer depending on the queue. Thank you for your patience.


Rajiv, not being able to track our ad spend efficiently makes Twitter a much less attractive advertising platform than your competitors. Is there any way to figure out how long it will take to be given access to our own data? Or is there any way to know one’s place in the queue?


@adamdobrin: Apologies for the long queue, we have a team manually reviewing the applications in the order they come in. Unfortunately, it is normal for the application review process to take a while - this is something we are working to address as soon as we can. Please note, as soon as your application has been reviewed, you will get an email with details on next steps.