Access Pinned Tweet programatically



I’d like to write an automated process to detect and remove inappropriate (read adult) bots from following me. I’ve noticed that most of them have a pinned Tweet with a word starting with “f” and ending in “k” with an emoticon in the middle. I think I could easily detect and remove 90% of them programatically by looking at their pinned tweet.

What’s the easiest way to find the pinned Tweet - what I’ve read so far suggests Twitter has no interest in support this functionality?

For instance does Tweet 1/N show the pinned Tweet?


There are no current plans to make pinned Tweets available in the API.


It seems like you’ve had multiple requests from the community. Can you elaborate on reasons behind keeping the API private?

If the API is never going to be public can you help explain how we can derive the data otherwise?


You’re right, this has come up frequently (and the initial plan was to have this in the API - as I believe I said at some point in the past). The fact is that this has not bubbled up the priority list, as we have focused in other areas. Priorities and direction (and time and effort) dictate a lot of these choices.

We recently published our plans for the future of the API Platform and our roadmap

As you can see, we have a lot to work on, and we are looking to provide better access to Twitter data and customer service opportunities. At the moment pinned Tweets are not a part of the plans, but I’m always keen to provide better information to developers so this remains on the backlog.

I’m not aware of a way to determine this data otherwise, so while I totally understand what you’re trying to achieve, this is not something in an API object that you could use right now.

Thanks for the question, and for the idea!