Access level not updating after edit


Somehow, during registering my app, I clicked ‘Read and Write’ or it was it’s default value, but I later changed this to ‘Read, Write & DM’.
However, when I’m trying to authenticate an user it still says “No access to direct messages”.

I’ve updated the app description and that does get shown on the page. So it’s not the entire ‘app update’ aspect, but merely the access level that doesn’t get set right after updating your app.

P.s. Also I love the little “Authenticate yourself” button at the bottom, put if I delete my connection (manually) it will stay there the whole time, maybe this can be fixed as well.

Thanks in advance.


Oh I just notice this is somewhat of a duplicate of what’s being talked about halfway this discussion:


Alright, I seemed to have find the problem. As mentioned here it’s the fact I was sending people to the ‘authenticate’ url instead of the ‘authorize’ url. If you send them to the authorize, it WILL say it requires DM access.

If you’re using @abraham’s PHP library you need to change
$url = $connection->getAuthorizeURL($token);
$url = $connection->getAuthorizeURL($token, false);