Access Denied on @hyfntest account



It looks like our @hyfntest account is disabled. We primarily use the Ads API to manage this account, hence I am posting here.

Ads API Link:
Image with access denied message:

Can someone please help identify what the issue is here?


Looking into this now, @msbukkuri.


Thanks @juanshishido, let me know what you find.


Hi @msbukkuri,

Looks like your ad account was suspended for content. Since your profile looks fine, it must of been your test tweets that triggered the suspension for looking like spam.

I’ll help file a ticket for our policy team to revoke this, but going forward, please make less spammy looking test tweets! Don’t use any URLs that don’t belong to you or your clients (example, using unless you are Google as a destination URL will automatically flag your account.)



@carmenjyuen Thank you so much. This is noted, is it okay for us to links or some other randomly generated URLs for that purpose?


@msbukkuri I believe using a or redirect would still not work if the destination is misleading in context to the promoted tweet. Here are some links about the policy here: &

Also note, this also applies to the mobile app destinations as well.


@msbukkuri You should be all set from the ad side!