Access Ads API


Hello Twitter Dev Community,

I’m setting up our Ads Dashboards and there is something I’m not sure about.

I applied for Ads Api Access with my personal handle and received confirmation by email that access was granted.

I created a test app under my apps (no where does it ask for Ads api access permissions, just read and write) and created a small python script just to test the authorization handshake and a simple endpoint. Im using the twitter_ads library.

I’m able to handshake with the service, as in

client = Client(

But then after that, any endpoint or method from the library that I try to test gives me back a

twitter_ads.error.Forbidden: <Forbidden object at 0x21acabc0be8 code=403 details=[{‘message’: ‘The client application making this request does not have access to this API’, ‘code’: ‘UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION’}]>

This is the app id 14001579

Im missing something. What are the steps to authenticate an app, once you have been accepted for access into ads API?

Thanks for your help


Hi Twitter Dev Community,

We just figured out what the problem was on our setup. Everything is fine now.

Thanks for your support



Thanks for the follow up, @joaquinmurillo.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to start a new thread after searching the forums to see if a similar question has been asked in the past.