Academic research - accessing data


Hello, I am just looking for a starting point to collect data for a research project. We are hoping to conduct analyses on multiple Twitter accounts, some with in excess of 60k Tweets over a six-year period. How do I go about getting access to this data? I have searched and older posts recommended Gnip but I see this has now merged with Twitter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


This is a good place to start: (Social Feed Manager is also a good toolkit to use for collection) That article is a couple of years old and is missing the Premium API option but it’s still relevant

It sounds like you might want to use Premium search to get old tweets, but for data over a very long period of time it’ll either be expensive, or take a few months worth of calls due to rate limits

But depending on what exactly you’re looking for, it might be easier to just ask people to participate in your study by allowing them to submit the tweets.csv part of their archive