Abuse of Twitter Access


I would like to open a discussion to find a solution about this case for abusive Twitter API usage. I would like get official information about this application/system, so that I can re-check it’s violation of policies, rules and terms.

This system involves automated Tweets, RTs, Follows, Mentions. They are also offering this system with a fee for your goal. You can enroll to this system via website or via scripts that you do not allow(It’s triggered by links, websites etc.). If you track this user/application for a time period, you will most likely understand the whole concept.

This system is controlling Turkish & Global trending topics and manipulating Twitter ecosystem. I hope you can help me to find a solution for this violation and help me to report this incident. There are many users that are complaining, they think this as a “virus” but they don’t know how to contact with Twitter officials.

I hope you can help me through it. Even if you ban this application/user, he/she will relaunch another application because right now he can be ghost to your tracking bots.

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I have gathered Rules & Policies that this application/system violates.

“Automating your tweets to include references to unrelated trending topics will result in account suspension.”

“We discourage the automatic retweeting of other users based on a particular keyword and may suspend accounts that engage in this behavior, particularly if they are being frequently blocked and reported as spam.”

“Also note that per the Twitter Rules, “get followers fast” applications and services are not allowed. Do not surrender your username and password to them, or otherwise grant access to or control of your account to any third party apps that claim to provide such services.”

“You must not pay, or offer to pay, third parties for distribution. This includes offering compensation for downloads (other than transactional fees) or other mechanisms of traffic acquisition.”

“You must not use Twitter Content or other data collected from end users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service.”

“Don’t surprise users. Don’t create or distribute spam”



How can I apply for this issue?



Unfortunately we cannot publicly comment on the compliance of any application in our ecosystem, we would recommend filing a ticket at https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform by selecting the first option, “I’d like to report an application causing spam or abuse,” then someone from our team can review the application.

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Twitter Platform Operations


Hey @truebe,

Thank you for your reply. I filled the form as you mentioned.

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المتابعه بمصداقيه هي اساس الحساب :::
تابعني /// اتابعك
تلغي متابعتي بعد مااتابعك لا ياصديقي هذي قمة الوساخه “” عز نفسك احسن واجعل من تويتر ثقافه وليس زيادة متابعين