Abraham’s Twitter oAuth for 1.1 API Login button



I am trying to make an APP with Abraham’s latest version of his library and so far I got everything more or les sorted: Post tweets, Print the stream and Delete tweets. Where it became pretty hard whas when attempting to make the log in with Twitter button, the closest I got is to retrieve a PIN number from Twitter but I didn’t get me back to my app’s url. Does anybody has a clue how to do this? Thanks a lot


Make sure you have a URL entered for “Callback URL” in the app’s settings and that you have set the oauth_callback value set to the same URL when getting a request_token.


Thanks man! I’ll try out what your are saying!. The callback URL can’t be a local one right? so I can test it before uploading it, is this last thing possible? or does it have to be on remote server in order to do this?
Thanks again dude!


Yes it can be a local URL. I just has to be a URL that the browser going through the OAuth flow can access. Although I think Twitter blocks some URL like localhost.