About Twitter Card Request Approve


After I Add the meta tag on my web site and using the validation tool to validate

it was appear the except result, but always show “soulmates.ws not approved” , and " request approved" is always cant click

soulmates.ws is my domain name, and I nerver request approved before.

Have any reason ?

How can I solve the problem ? Thanks


You have these tags:

    <meta name="twitter:image1" content="https://soulmates.storage.googleapis.com/mates/2013/12/13/e0b59d3e640d11e3bc9a22000a09b792.jpg">
    <meta name="twitter:image2" content="https://soulmates.storage.googleapis.com/mates/2013/12/13/c3aefc94640d11e3bc9a22000a09b792.jpg">
    <meta name="twitter:image3" content="https://soulmates.storage.googleapis.com/mates/2013/12/13/d10f54bc640b11e3bc9a22000a09b792.jpg">
    <meta name="twitter:image4" content="https://soulmates.storage.googleapis.com/mates/2013/12/13/b6c14520640b11e3bc9a22000a09b792.jpg">

It should be image0, and not image4.