About the Timeline widget of the tweet box


Dear Twitter developers,

Hi, I am one of a Twitter user.

Thank you very much for providing nice widgets.

I was using the embedded timeline, but got a problem.

I have a question about it and need your advice.
Could you tell me how to solve it?

Timeline widget embedded on March 4
when the specification has been changed,

According to https://blog.twitter.com/ja/201603/improved-embedded-timeline,

“Settings you display size and customization is inherited as is”, it was written on the page.

But, 'data-chrome = set of “nofooter” ’ does not work,
Footer also tweet box is also a state that does not appear.

In a state in which the specification before the change does not set the data-chrome = “nofooter”,
Tweet box was displayed.

The radio broadcast site, put an embedded timeline.
Because I was planning to increase the communication with the audience, it is very sad there is no function of the tweet box.

If you have a way to display even if there is no display function of the tweet box, please let me know.

I am sorry for causing you trouble.


The header and footer components of an embedded timeline have changed as part of the redesign of the widget. The widget footer previously contained a Tweet composer across the full width of the widget to encourage logged-in Twitter viewers to author new content related to the embed. The new widget design helps viewers discover ways to embed the content displayed on your site on their own sites, or view more content on Twitter.

The data-chrome="nofooter" customization is still functional, dropping the footer component of the template.

The Tweet button is an easy way to encourage your visitors to author a Tweet related to surrounding content. You may place a Tweet button below the embedded timeline if you would like to encourage new Tweets. The mention button is similar to the previous embedded user timeline behavior. A hashtag button might work best if you display an embedded search timeline for a hashtag.


Thank you very much for explaining me that.
I really appreciate it.
I will try to follow your advice from now on.
If I can’t make it, I will ask you again.

Dear Twitter developers.


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