About the Streaming API's Location Filter (Bounded Boxes)



Does the streaming API expand the bounded boxes to fetch tweets or is strict?

For example, if the locations filter included a bounded box for Union Square in NYC with a small area, would that include all tweets from NYC whose precise locations within the city are not specified (via tweet location or the user’s location on their profile) OR will the API be more strict and fetch ONLY those tweets coming explicitly from Union Square? Thanks.


Note that there is a generally low number of geotagged Tweets, however using the streaming statuses/filter with a location bounding box will generally return Tweets at either geo matching tier (exact/place or profile)

Either- Tweets which have lat/long or tagged place within the queried geocode

Or in case of not having success - Attempt to find Tweets created by users whose profile location can be reverse geocoded into a lat/long within the queried geocode, meaning that is possible to receive Tweets which do not include exact geo lat/long information.


So Union Square falls within the larger NYC bounded box, but NYC falls
within the even larger NY state bounded box, and then the US box.

My questions, if the location is Union Square or from
somewhere in it’s bounded box, which tweets will be included; Union Square,
NYC, NY state or the US?

If the location is determined from the user’s profile (NYC), which tweets
will be included; NYC, NY state or the US?