About the APP_ENGAGEMENTS and APP_INSTALLS campaign objective



We have APP_ENGAGEMENTS and APP_INSTALLS within objective of POST accounts/:account_id/line_items.

But when I tried to created a campaign, only found “APP INSTALLS OR APP RE-ENGAGEMENTS” option to set in Twitter Ads UI.

So when I call the POST accounts/:account_id/line_items API,
which one should I pass as a parameter,
and how to set another one.


Can anybody help me?


“App re-engagements” corresponds to the APP_ENGAGEMENTS option and “App installs” to APP_INSTALLS. For “how to set another one” if you mean to change it, you cannot update it once it is set.


Thanks for the reply.

I meant that we have APP_ENGAGEMENTS and APP_INSTALLS for objective of POST accounts/:account_id/line_items.

But I cann’t find the way to set them respectively from the Twitter Ads UI.



The objective of APP_ENGAGEMENTS or APP_INSTALLS is set later in the campaign form in the Ads UI. It is just listed as one option to when getting started to create a campaign.


Would you pls tell me how to set it?


@wenping.wang - The bidding can be optimized toward app install or app click, in addition, you would need the app conversion event setup for the action you are trying to drive. For future Twitter Ads UI related questions, please select the help button on ads.twitter.com for support.