About Tailored Audience. I'd like to confirm if what I expect is right




I am trying to make a Tailored Audience which contains users’ idfas using Twitter Ads API.

I refer to this document.

My Tailored Audiences should be updated everyday.

I expect the list of idfas in the Tailored Audience to be different targetable idfas compared to the previous day,so they should be replaced with another group of idfas everyday.

I send the idfas to Twitter at around 5 AM everyday.

If I sent them to Twitter on 31 Octorber,each idfas’ settings would be like below.

         "membership_type": "LIST_MEMBERSHIP",

I’d like the idfas to expire today and to be replaced by another group of idfas tomorrow.

I’m not sure if what I am expecting is right or not.