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I’m Tang and I’m a developer in Vietnam.
I’m developing an extension app and I need to search tweets of user based on timestamp.
E.g: Pulls all tweets for User X on 11/11/2017 for 6:00 - 7:00 PST

Do we have any API to do like that?

Hope see your response soon!
Thanks so much,


You can use the standard search API to do this, but not within a short one hour time frame - the minimum window would be a day, and you’d need to filter the timestamps afterwards. Also, the standard search only reaches back for 1 week; you would need the premium API 30-day search for longer timeframes.

For example, this query string would fetch all my Tweets from Nov 27-28.
from:andypiper since:2017-11-27 until:2017-11-28