About query encoding


Hi all,

I’m trying to encode some advanced query for use with the search API. Before writing code I’ve been doing some tryouts in Twitter’s search webapp, but I already have problems.

I’m considering this query:
(since:2016-03-29) AND (until:2016-03-31) AND oklahoma

which returns results as expected. But if I encode it this way:

Then no results… And quite naturally I get a void list if querying using tweepy from a Python script.

I must be doing something wrong, but what? Thanks in advance for the help!


since and until are parameters. They don’t go in the query parameter q. I’m assuming that’s what you are doing. The doc is here.

For example,


All right, this works much better now - I was taking the list of parameters from the tweepy doc, but it is obviously not exhaustive!

Thanks for the timely answer to my noob question!