About private redistribution of Twitter dataset



Is it possible that I privately redistribute a Twitter dataset by providing tweet IDs only (for academic purpose)? Will I be against any rule/policy by doing so? And will there be any paperwork required to do so?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @ocar_liv, Thanks for reaching out. Please review section I.4.A of https://dev.twitter.com/terms/api-terms :

-You will not attempt or encourage others to: sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the Twitter API or Twitter Content to any third party without prior written approval from Twitter.
-If you provide downloadable datasets of Twitter Content or an API that returns Twitter Content, you may only return IDs (including tweet IDs and user IDs).
-You may provide spreadsheet or PDF files or other export functionality via non­-programmatic means, such as using a “save as” button, for up to 100,000 public Tweets and/or User Objects per user per day. Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted.

If you need further clarification please don’t hesitate to reach out.