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Please tell me what to do in the following cases.

I am managing 100 web sites.
Data is acquired from different databases and displayed.
I operate 100 web sites in 3 domains.
· a.example.com / b.example.com / c.example.com etc
· a.example.net / b.example.net / c.example.net etc
· a.example.co.jp / b.example.co.jp / c.example.co.jp etc etc

I want to display the result of Twitter keyword search corresponding to each page in all page footer of all sites
· Use the following 4

How do I prevent account violation, how do I set up accounts and applications?
Draft 1. Create 100 twitter developer accounts
Draft 2. Create one twitter developer account and create 100 apps
Draft 3. Create one twitter developer account and create one app
Draft 4. All of the above are ok

What does Twitter judge as “multiple applications” with what?


This one sounds like the way to go:

Draft 3. Create one twitter developer account and create one app

Use search/tweets to perform multiple searches, cache the results, and display them on any number of websites you need.

It’s a pity publish.twitter.com removed ability to embed searches, as that didn’t require an app


Although it is different from the contents of the original question, please let me know a bit more about the contents of the response.

・Is it okay to cache Twitter search results?
・I misunderstood that Twitter’s search results should always be obtained from the API
· Is it OK to save Twitter search results to MySQL and then read from there?


Sure, you can save / cache results of searches so you don’t need to do it again.

You should not share those results with others, but you can reuse the results to display tweets: https://developer.twitter.com/en/developer-terms/display-requirements.html


Yes, but you should also check for deleted content. Don’t display deleted Tweets.


“You should not share those results with others” is difficult and I did not understand the meaning. What does “share results with others” specifically mean? For example, does it mean “to create a dedicated page that everyone can search Twitter with arbitrary keywords”?


Thank you for your answer.

I knew for the first time reading answers.

I can read and display Twitter results from MySQL (however deletion correspondence is mandatory).
I can use API_KEY and ACCESS_TOKEN on multiple sites.


“Share data with others” means sharing the actual “hydrated” json of the tweets you get from the API, that’s not allowed, but - you can share IDs of tweets instead: Described in “Redistribution of Twitter content” here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/developer-terms/more-on-restricted-use-cases.html


I am not allowed to publish the acquired data itself, isn’t it?
I understood.
Thank you very much

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