About API call limit for verified account



We have Twitter unverifyed account A and verifyed account B.
If you issue the API key of Account B from Account A via OAuth API, what is the maximum count of API calls to create Tweet of Account B?

Is it the same as the following URL?

Also, although the recognition that the whitelist of the following URL is an verifyed account is wrong?

In that case, what is a whitelist?

verifyed account information.


You can read more about rate limits related to the POST statuses/update endpoint here:

There is currently a 300 request per 3 hour rate limit applied to this endpoint at the user-level. On October 22nd, there will be a new app-level rate limit of 300 requests per 3 hours that will apply to both the Tweets and Retweets that are posted programmatically.

You can learn more about the whitelist process here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


thanks reply.
I know this.
What I would like to know is whether this limitation also applies when working with an whitelist account using OAuth authentication.

Even with whitelist accounts, is the limit applied and 300 request per 3 hour?


Sorry for the confusion here. What do you mean by “whitelist accounts”.

There’s one form of whitelisting here - at the application level. If a developer applies for, and is approved for, access to the original POST limits, then this is applied at the application they own; the account used to POST has no bearing on this choice.


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