About a hoax-fighter bot


I have read the rules but I still have some doubts and I would like to ask here before anything.

Can I create a bot that search for specific URL (hoax) in tweets and mention them authors in a tweet explaining the hoax?

The aim is to create a hoax-fighter bot, wich I would like it to works like this:

@AnyUser: “What’s happening with this? [URL about a hoax]”
@Hoaxfighter: “@AnyUser You may would like to know that it was a hoax [URL explaining the hoax] :)”

Is it acceptable?

Thank you very much.


It’s difficult to write a bot like this and not appear similar to abusive behavior – spam bots responding to users who tweeted a specific user or keyword phrase, for instance. See this article for some best practices around this: https://support.twitter.com/articles/76915-automation-rules-and-best-practices


Thanks for responding. Yes, I have read that article and that is the reason because I’m here :slight_smile:

I’ve seen bots like @KingLeonidaz_ (please don’t report it, is a very funny bot) that searches for tweets containing “This is madness” and mention them authors in another tweet with “@user MADNESS? This is SPARTA!” In fact it publish about 20 tweets per hour with the same message (please again, don’t kill it, I would not like to be the responsible of that u_u )

That is a bot for fun, my bot is not for fun, just serious work of investigate about hoaxes and trying to inform about them to specific segment that is spreading it and maybe don’t know that they were hoaxes. I’m not even the owner of any web that I would like to publish with the bot, I will just pick up the one or two best links that I could find on a Google search.

Will it fit with the rule in the article that says…?:
"“Feeds for community benefit: You can create feeds for community benefit, or to provide information to a niche group of users, such as local weather feeds or transit information." As I think it contributes to community benefit :slight_smile:

Also one more question, is there a better place to ask this? should I request some special permission? I’m just trying to prevent headaches with posible problems with the account :slight_smile:

Thank you very much again :slight_smile: