A Twitter Acces Plugin, Needs To Be Restored


hi, we use a young, flexible, open source web scripts who let users to develop various plugins and publish them.
as i am not a developper, i can only establish and publish the sicript and use available plugins which add facilities to my site
these plugins are created by other users and sometimes they can be essential for the script
one of them was “Twitter Connect” plugin, this plug in was produced in 2011 and haven’t been remodified since then
as you guess it can’t be used anymore
what i notice the this plugin doesn’t match with the new request of “Sign in with Twitter” application
we really need to use it in our site, and i know that there are also many others who need this features for their site
i personlly try to reach the plugin’s developpers, but it is said that he’d been disappeared for 2 years
anyway, what i want to say now -we really need your expertise.
if you are able to check the codes please look at this plugin’s files and tell us what is wrong with it