A suggestion: Remove Rate Limits on followers/ids friends/ids for authenticating account



I understand why there should be rate-limits on followers/ids and friends/ids. Without them, servers would be jammed yanking in followers and friends by the gazillions.

That really doesn’t apply to one’s own friends and followers. I have three new clients, one has 470K followers, another 623K, and the last 1.7 million. At 300,000 per hour, it could take a while to pull them in. By the time the data was complete, it would be outdated thus useless.

On the other hand, I’m not crazy about the idea of pulling in 1.7 million ids.



bit late but maybe it’s still useful:

By the time the data was complete, it would be outdated thus useless.

It takes a while to get large numbers of followers, but the first IDs you get are the most recent, so once you gather all 1.7 million for example, updating the list would only require 1 or maybe 2 calls to get the newest IDs.

At 300,000 per hour…

To speed things up one thing you can try is “using application-only authentication as a reserve” see https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public/rate-limiting - giving you more calls in a 15 minute window, so you should be able to grab 1.7 million ids in around ~3 hours as opposed to ~6 (assuming that nothing else is using up calls and everything works perfectly, might take a bit longer in reality)


Thanks, Igor

That’s a good idea. I found my own solution, but yours may be quicker

Thanks again