A successfully published tweet is not visible due to authorization problem



A tweet was successfully published but is inaccessible via permalink.

The following error is received via api even if we use the accesskey/secret used to create the tweet.
{code: 129, message: Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status}


It’s a strange one - usually you see that error when the account is set to private, but that account is public.

How exactly was the tweet created? with statuses/update? What was the response to that call?


This was published using statuses/update.json
the parameters were:
status: Cast Announcement: the first few #BachelorInParadise names have been revealed! http://bitly.com/1tinDal
mediaIds: a media id obtained by publishing this image (http://prod.cdata.app.sprinklr.com/DAM/313/http___img2.timeinc.net_people-608fe6f8-cae1-4e6f-a73e-e580f749d218-1608126670.jpg)

I don’t have the exact response from twitter. But that response has been adapted into a different object. If u are looking for any specific entry i can look back and check for it.

Also, this is the one tweet which had this problem. I also tried publishing the same content again on another page and it is visible (https://twitter.com/AnalystQuality/status/759973744760778752). Not sure what could be causing this.