A service where users can sell and send sponsored tweets



I would like to discuss if a site such as https://buysellads.com/buy/allsites/by/tweets#/ is against twitters API terms. We were planning on building a site with the same functionality were a twitter user can list their twitter account in a marketplace and a buyer can pay money to send an advertisement in the form of a tweet from the users twitter account with the twitter account owner making the money from the sale.

If your trying to think how it works, the buysellads site link above is a site that has exactly this and have been doing it for a very long time. i asked them if it was against twitters terms and they replied that only tweet actions cant be sold (from point 6.e.iii of twitters terms in their guiding principles) and what they are doing by providing a service where users can sell sponsored tweets is allowed.

What do others think? Can we please have a conformation on this?

Thanks :smile:



Sorry but it would be great if i got some help on this. i opened a ticked on the forms page after i posted this but just realised when i got the email confirming they received my form it was actually an email saying i might have submitted my question to the wrong form so it wasn’t submitted (i just assumed the email said they received my ticket and didn’t think to read it), so i have now sent an email back confirming it was sent to the appropriate from.

Is anyone able to help on this end?