A question regardling 150 timeline requests per hour rate limit


I have a question regarding the 150 timeline requests per hour.

Is the limit applied per IP or per access tokens(Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret).

Suppose there are 100 client apps running on 100 different machines(hence 100 different IPs) sharing access token(so that users don’t have to log in), each making 60 timeline requests per hour, does this trigger an API access rate limit violation?

Because I tested my app on 3 machines each making 120 timeline requests on shared access tokens(Thus 360 requests per hour), and they seemed to be working fine overnight.

I need a definite answer on this issue as I may have to move the timeline request functionality to the server which then feed the clients if the access rate limit is triggered under this scenario.

Thank you.


You might be confusing the older API v1 rate limiting with the current API v1.1’s rate limiting model.

IP address is not used in API v1.1’s rate limiting model. See [node:10066].

If you’re running 100 client applications then it sounds like you’re probably doing something you shouldn’t be or that is not within the bounds of our terms of service. You should probably reach out to our API policy team: https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform


Thank you for your prompt reply.

However, I actually increased the user_timeline request rate to every ten second(90 requests per 15 minute interval per machine) across three machines for a total of 270 user_timeline requests across three machines sharing same tokens, and it still works fine for two hours.

So it does seem that the Twitter API 1.1 counts user_timeline GET from different IPs as separate requests after all?