A question about image tweets, artworks and fair use policies


I would love to know the boundaries of fair use. What is considered fair use and what’s not in terms of sharing images.
I understand that if a user chooses to use someone else’s artwork as a profile picture image or a header image, it can be a copyright infringement however what about tweets? Can you share an image/photo/artwork/whatever made (or owned) by someone else? Is it considered “fair use” in this case?

I of course do not mean sharing someone else’s property as your own work. The “share” I mean is, purely, sharing the visual, without changing or modifying anything, without claiming any ownership or whatsoever.

The limits are very blurry. Some clarification would help.


Thanks for the question. There are a lot of legalities here and I’m afraid as a developer forum, we’re just not set up to adequately provide a good answer for you here. The best I can do is to point you at our support page on this topic, where you’ll also find that we are unable to provide guidance, but offer some links to information and organisations who may be able to help.