A non developer just a normal human trying to figure things out


I am not a developer or coder just a person who creates websites and uses twitter because thats what every body uses there may be sarcasem sorry
so the questions

  1. If i sign up for a developers account and one is approved. If i setup a app for lets say accesing a website using twitter. and that app is sitting in the developers account happily working.
    NOW lets say i want to setup another website with another twitter account
    So if i remove my phone nuimber form the first twitter account and use it fo the second twiiter account , I am then told by the first account that i cant setup any OTHER apps till i add a phone number
    will the original app still work on the first developers account even though there is no phone number on it at the time ?
    Summary approved Developers account does it allow apps on account to work wether there is a phone number attached or not


Hi @cooks_nz - please note that you can add your phone number to up to 10 different Twitter accounts. So there’s no need for you to remove your phone number from your first Twitter account when you create a second one. Also please note that you can create and manage several apps within one single developer account, under the Apps section.


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