A new documentation experience



This spring, we announced the unification of our developer platform, to make it easier for developers to tap into what’s happening on Twitter, and to build new applications that scale smoothly. As an initial step toward this better experience, today we are launching developer.twitter.com — replacing and bringing together gnip.com and dev.twitter.com — as a complete reference center for Twitter’s developer platform.

This is the first phase of the unification of the developer platform. This site lays the groundwork for upcoming tools to access and manage new APIs. The documentation will continue to evolve as the Twitter developer platform grows and soon you’ll begin to see guides, more tutorials, a new API status page, and more sample code.

In the interim, we’ve had to say goodbye to our venerable but simple API console. We recommend our command-line tool twurl as a good way to test simple Twitter API queries (and also to validate your keys and tokens), and in the coming months we will add tutorials that cover and explain the use of other common API testing tools such as Postman. You can find a few common “recipes” using twurl over on Github - it’s really powerful.

The Twitter for Websites and Twitter Kit documentation will be migrated over to the new site soon. In the meantime, you’ll find them linked in the Docs navigation. Thank you for your patience!

Looking for something you just know was there before? Chances are, it still will be - use the handy search box! Do let us know if you have any feedback via our dedicated Documentation category here on the developer forums.

From the whole team here, thank you for your ongoing support, and use of the Twitter Developer Platform! Exciting times lie ahead!

Announcement: developer.twitter.com