A "little Twitter" (subset of users), possible with REST API?


Exploring what’s possible with the Twitter API. I would like to draw on your expertise to learn if the current Twitter API (Rest or Streaming) would allow for this behavior :

In the figure, there is a representation of the Twitter network, with the « following » connections indicated as arrows pointing to the follower.
Suppose that we create an app based on Twitter API and it gets 8 users, indicated in red in the figure. We would like to compose tweets within our app that can only circulate among the « red » users, without changing the network structure. For exemple, if John composes a tweet in our app, it will be sent to Paul and Kevin. If Paul then decides to retweet inside our app, the tweet will be resent to Peter and Mathias, and so on.
(*Please note that this idea is different than Twitter private groups, lists and channels)

So we are talking of a sort of « little Twitter » (the red users). The interest is to be able to apply some filters on the messages that circulate within this restricted network.


Edit: Moved to the REST API since this is more involved around that then Fabric.


This has already been asked in Developer Teatime. Closing. Please don’t post duplicate threads, @villarejo - you already have an answer on the other thread.

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