A Kindly ask to unsuspend my account


Dear Twitter,

I am writing to you to address you that my twitter account has been suspended for nearly 9 days.
i have made a ticket 9 days ago and have had no reply since.
i hope you understand that i am sorry for spamming people on twitter with my messages and i have learnt my lesson. in the future i will stick and read the ‘Best Policy’s’ page on twitter and i hope you take my apology into consideration and kindly unsuspend my account as i miss connecting and chatting to other tweeters around the world (bearing in mind i have over 50,000 followers) it would make me really upset. a lot upset. i hope you notice this message and make me smile by receiving notifications from my account @Ch1o3 . i hope you understand this upsetting message and i am truely sorry for harrasing other people on the twitter.


I’m going through the same… only…I created THIS account to stop a guy from harassing me and my fiance, and knew exactly who I wanted to follow… So NOW they’re suspending people for "aggressive following… but it was because I knew exactly who I wanted to follow off the bad. Had no idea of this rule…

Also how many per day is too many? What’s the limit? Is it arbitrary? Or could the guy that was harassing me have found me and exploited it?

The dang account only had 4 tweets… I’m a ham radio operator, ABC 33/40 Skywatcher, Skywarn member, and future member of a local Emergency Response Team… They did the same thing to @spann before as well.