A different kind of twitter client, acceptable in 1.1? & potential changes needed


Seeking some advice on my in regards to the upcoming changes to the Twitter API.

While my app is a consumer facing app which you might call a client it is significantly different than the twitter client. But it definitly falls into that top right quadrant they are discouraging.
My app speaks tweets and displays image content on the screen. I never intended this to be a twitter client where people can retweet or follow people or be connected to their account at all. I currently allow people to listen to tweets from 6 categories and make custom categories.

Here is the app I am talking about and a run through of it’s features in the youtube videos.

If I am forced to make users log into my app and follow the display requirements it would seem to be making my app to be more and more like the twitter client, which wasn’t what I was going for, and is what twitter is trying to discourage as well. This app was intended for someone to just sit there and listen to it in the background or watch things go by if they like, or for event organizers to be able to pipe tweet audio for their event or company into a lobby area over DLNA, that type of thing… I was never trying to make a twitter client to replace the twitter client but I feel like the new rules push me into that direction, which is also discouraged. Makes me confused! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!