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I want a confirmation about the policies. In the policies, Twitter specify (if I really understand the policies) that we don’t use the API to create a database of status.
Now, I play to a game (WarFrame, created by Digital Extreme) which is a MMO ( @WarframeAlerts ). They publish on twitter their special events which happen twice per hour and I want to collect this data to create statistics (how many objects drop per day, or per month, how many money we can do in a hour…).

Can I use the API to collect the tweets and analyze them ?

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(Sorry for my english, I’m french.)


great question. i am interested in knowing the answer too.



You may absolutely connect to the API to collect and analyze tweets. However, please ensure that proper precautions are taken if you would like to eventually share any data collected. Under our API Terms of Service (https://dev.twitter.com/terms/api-terms ), you may not resyndicate or share Twitter content, including datasets of Tweet text and follow relationships. You may, however, share datasets of Twitter object IDs, like a Tweet ID or a user ID. These can be turned back into Twitter content using the statuses/show and users/lookup API methods, respectively. You may also share derivative data, such as the number of Tweets with a positive sentiment.

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