A callback url error occurs. (Error 415)



I use twitter-kit-unity. This app was developed using Unity.

From today, suddenly the app does not sign in to Twitter. I discovered that Twitter policy changed today.

Do I just add the callback url in the development site? Which callback url should I add?
twitter-kit-unity does not use the callback url in the login () call.

please answer about my question.

Thank you.


Depending on the target platform (iOS or Android) you should whitelist the callback parameters on apps.twitter.com:

url scheme
TwitterKit for Android twittersdk://
TwitterKit for iOS twitterkit-YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY://

Make sure that you have no trailing spaces.



Thanks for the info. We realized this change only just now - we probably ran without fixing this for some days (weeks?).

What is the best way to get news of important changes like this? Do you have a RSS or something that can ping a slack channel?


Every category on the forums has an RSS feed so you could use eg


We recommend watching the Announcements category and also following @TwitterDev and @TwitterAPI