A call to the mentions_timeline is not returning retweets


I am querying the statuses/mentions_timeline resource to fetch messages received by user. So far this would also return retweets received by the user. However, for some time now this method is no longer returning retweets.

Is this an intended & permanent change? Should we start using the statuses/retweets_of_me resource for retweets separately?

Note: Although I am using the Twitter4j wrapper for my purpose, I have verified this behavior using the OAuth tool and firing curl calls, with include_rts=1 set. I am not seeing any retweets.


Hi. Any update on this?


Are you using v1 or v1.1? include_rts is only available in the v1 API for mentions, for v1.1 you’ll need statuses/retweets_of_me.

What would be good is an interactions endpoint to get mentions/retweets/favourites in one but I’m not sure if that’s planned.


Thanks for that. I’m surprised then that the documentation still mentions the include_rts parameter in the documentation for 1.1 https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/statuses/mentions_timeline


The mentions timeline has never included retweets of the user who “owns” the mentions timeline. The include_rts=true feature in API v1 only pertained to whether retweet objects would be included when a mention of the authenticating user was retweeted. It’s still a feed about mentions, not retweets, and retweets aren’t mentions unless they’re a retweet of a mention.

The parameters inclusion in API v1 was mainly for backwards-compatibility reasons, for clients that could not yet consume retweet objects. In API v1.1 it is the default to include these.


Alright. So I suppose we can’t use the mentions_timeline to fetch retweet objects anymore, for e.g. consider the scenario

UserA tweets: “Toes go in first!”.
For this I get an object: {UserA, id: 12345, “Toes go in first!”}

UserB re-tweets the above. On querying the mentions_timeline I would previously get the object: {UserB, id: 12346, “RT @UserA: Toes go in first!”, retweet: true}

In the next call I would then query all ‘mentions’ since id = 12346 and get newer mentions and retweets.

If I understand you correctly this won’t be the case anymore. Also, querying retweets_of_me for UserA doesn’t give this either, only the original tweet with a retweet count and then we separately need to query ‘statuses/retweets/:12345’ to get the required object.

This reduces the effectiveness of since_id in the retweets_of_me call, since I can’t now know if an older tweet was recently retweeted. Could you tell me if there is still a way to do this?