80% reduction in tweets with coordinate data



I have connected to the stream for over a month now for an app I have been developing. One of the key components of my app is to use the coordinates key data where I only use tweets where this field IS NOT null. Up until April 27th, well over 90% of tweets had coordinates availalble. Then over a 6 hour period starting 18:00GMT on April 27th, the amount of nulls increase drastically. Now ~80% of the twets have this field marked as null which means I am only using 20% compared to the >90% before. It is 36 hours later and things still have not gotten back to where they were before.

Was there a change made to streaming tweets filtered on location? I have not found anything on this site or other popular forums.



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i have the same problem. I was able to get my location-based tweet before from the stream. But I can not get it now even the tweet has location embedded.

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Hey folks, we made a related announcement about some changes recently.

The addition of Foursquare-powered venues improves the quality of geo place data, which we expect to become the primary type of location data associated with a Tweet. We want to focus the experience around the location that the user is geotagging vs. the user’s precise coordinates. Now that users can geotag many more granular locations (say, the espresso shop on the corner), we’re making it optional for users to also provide their own coordinates. This means that the coordinates of the “place” will always be associated with the Tweet and the coordinates of the user will sometimes be associated with the Tweet. As a result, we expect the richness of the user experience and the data to increase on the aggregate, but the number of user coordinates tied to a Tweet to decrease significantly.

In case you haven’t seen the new UI for this yet, this is how the new location stuff works inside our mobile apps - observe the “Share precise location” toggle which affects this filtering case.


Thank you Andy! But it has nothing related to the problem we have regarding the streaming api delivering location-based tweets. I used the new way to check in or share the precise location, but the streaming api never delivers the location-based tweet even I specify the range which covers my check-in location. It had been working fine till 04/27. we only received small portion of location-based tweets now. I just wonder if Twitter has acknowledged this problem or is there action taken on this?

Thank you very much!


Hi James,

Can you send us a link to an example tweet where you geotagged and selected the “share precise location” toggle while geotagging, but are unable to see it in your filter? We have not been able to reproduce this problem. So if you can send us an example we will take a look (may be best to publish a new tweet, make sure you’re going through the whole flow, and then post a link to the tweet details page here).

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Thank you Keith.

Here is the tweet I tested https://twitter.com/iBreathing/status/594180624098951169

and I never received that from the stream.

Here is the code I am using to receive the stream. I am using twitter hbc (https://github.com/twitter/hbc)

val leftLat=  24.3963 
val leftLon=  -161.00
val rightLat=  49.3843
val rightLon=  -66.8854

val endpoint = new StatusesFilterEndpoint()

val location = new Location(new Coordinate(leftLon, leftLat), new Coordinate(rightLon, rightLat))

The problem is it had been working fine until 04/27. I am not the only one having this issue. Steven has the same issue.



Just to echo James concerns, I have also seen the same reduction in geo-enabled tweets since 4/27. I have been accessing geo-enabled tweets for a specific geographic area via the TwitteR package in R for the last 30 days. I noticed a sharp decrease in tweets that carry latitude and longitude values on 4/27.


Is there any update on this issue? It has been more than 10 days. Thanks


I have been experiencing the same “problem” after April 27th.
Is there any way in the Streaming API to still get the geo-tagged tweets even when no coordinates in the tweet message?


Expecting solution too