502 Gateway errors when registering WebHooks



Hi, It seems I’m the only one having this problem :sweat_smile: (I hope not ).

I’m trying to register a new webhook with this URL: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/account_activity/all/:env_name/webhooks.json

I’ve made a POST to this URL and I made sure I passed the Webhook URL as an encoded parameter.

The problem is that I get a “502 Bad Gateway” Error when twitter calls the WebHook, I’m using Ngrok locally so I was able to replay the request. When I replay the request, I don’t get the error and the code works as expected.
It also works If I access it through the browser.

I thought this was a problem with Ngrok, so I decided to switch to serveo (http://serveo.net/) I got the same 502 Bad Gateway.

I decided to finally take the bull by the horn and use Nginx directly on my production server and I’m still getting “502 Bad Gateway” :frowning_face: Like I said earlier, If I access my webhook URL through the browser everything works.

I’m starting to think there’s a problem with the way twitter calls my WebHook (Because I’ve tried three options and they all behave the same way.)

I’ve inspected the Nginx log and I noticed that twitter doesn’t send a “User-Agent” header (It’s blank) - - [13/Oct/2018:11:43:37 +0000] "GET /twitter/webhooks?crc_token=xxxxxxxxxx&nonce=MTUzOTQzMTAxNzI1Ng HTTP/1.1" 502 182 "-" "-"

could that be the problem?

By the way, I’m using Go (Maybe twitter doesn’t like Go :smile: ) But I can confirm that the API call from twitter doesn’t reach the application, It’s automatically rejected by the Proxy server (Ngrok, serveo or Nginx). I don’t know why.

If anyone uses Nginx as their proxy server, Please I’d love to see your configuration


Have you tried using one of our existing libraries to access the API?

I was able to get set up with the account activity dashboard just now, so this is likely not an issue with the product.


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