500 Error while creating Tailored Audience


I am receiving an exception while using the tweetinvi C# library. I am attempting a POST to https://ads-api.twitter.com/1/accounts/{adAccountId}/tailored_audiences?name={audienceName}&list_type=EMAIL. I am getting 500 with the message Internal Server Error - Something is broken. Please post to the group so the Twitter team can investigate.

I have pinpointed it back to when I first POST an audience, it works fine. But if I delete that audience either through the UI or API, and then attempt to POST to that same name again, i get this error back. I had been able to delete and re-create for some time before this without issue.

My app id is 12925668.



This is highly likely to be related to a bug from the last 48 hours that we are attempting to fix today. Please try again tomorrow and let us know if it continues to repro or not.




Thank you, it seems like this is no longer happening.


Thanks, @ssiko7.