5 Campaigns launched at the same time, only 2 receiving impressions

  • launched 5 ads at the same time through the same API-calling process yesterday
  • All have the same tweet/ad content
  • All have the same locations
  • only difference is the tailored audiences
  • tailored audiences are all 6-figures
  • budgets are the same as well

Two of the ads have thousands of impressions, the other 3 have either 0 or 1 impression.

IDs of campaigns with impressions:

IDs of campaigns with no impressions:



What are the sizes of each of those tailored audiences? My suspicion is that this has to do with that.


Thanks for the response, @andrs - All 5 campaigns had independent (and mutually exclusive) Tailored Audiences that amounted to over 100k each, though. Not sure it’s that. I can provide as many details as you need.

7k impressions:

6k impressions:

~70 impressions:

~30 impressions:

~40 impressions:



Could there be an “overlap issue” between tailored audiences and locations? In other words, yes, you may have a large tailored audience, however if those within a tailored audience don’t fall under a given location then they won’t be served those ads?


@andrs that was my thinking as well, but the seed for, for example, the ~30-impession audience was USA / Canada only:

We launched the campaign with the following locations, so shouldn’t be an overlap problem to my knowledge:


Interesting. For that Audience, which is USA / Canada only, have you tried changing the locations to just United States and Canada? Does that make a difference?


Unfortunately, we did not try that - these ads were only meant to run for 48-hours and we since disabled them. I can check with my marketing team to see if they’d be willing to have me re-enable this one to text.

It would seem strange to me that that would be the issue, though, given the other similarly-located ads that worked.


@andrs : I’ve gone ahead and disabled the 4 non-Canada/USA locations and unpaused the campaign (all through the UI). Standby to see if this garners any impressions.


Wild! Looks like eliminating those other countries got the ad to receive impressions:

This seems most likely a bug, no?