429 Too Many Requests retrieving friend lists


Hi, acording to the docs the request limitation for GET friends/list is 30/app and each request can retrieve a max of 20 results.

In accordance with this if an user is folliwing more than 600 (30req*20results) users we are unable to retrieve all that information without reaching the request limit. Is there a way to workaround this?

Also for testing my app this is really annoying because I have to wait 15 minutes between each try.



For users with larger graphs, you’ll just have to break the operations out between multiple rate limit windows.


That’s a really limitating limit. I think you should study to increase the max number of requests, I understand that you want people to use your application and don’t want to compete with other apps like happened with Tweetdeck, but the current limit is too low…


This is really disappointing. It puts my app out of commission.


What about getting followers IDs instead of and retrieving 5000 user IDs at a time

or GET friends/ids - https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/friends/ids


I agree with everything @shellshocklabs has said here. I support Twitter limiting the number of “get/friends/x” calls on a per user basis – even if it’s just 1 within the window – but limiting the app is outright crippling for some legitimate uses.