420 Error after account change and server migration


We’ve recently started moving a project from a developer’s personal account to an official company account and a different set of servers. However, now whenever we try to initiate a connection we get a 420 rate limit error. Our old server is still accepting retrieving tweets, but our new servers are constantly rate limited, even after a full weekend of not being used. We have tried using both the old account and new account and the server deployment is an exact copy of the deployment currently working on our old server.
Any help would be great, thanks.


Rate limits are applied to users or applications, so the server themselves would not affect that. Some developers run into into issues when they move from a single dev server environment to a multi server prod environment. Make sure your application does not have any type of behavior that is being executed by all of your servers. For example, a polling background task on one server might be fine, but if that background task somehow now runs on all of your servers in the prod environment you may hit rate limits.

I would also suggest configuring the environment that was working to use the new Twitter account. If you have the same issue then it is the specific Twitter account and can use this form to inquiry why that account is being rate limited differently. If it works then it’s not the account and you know its something to do with your server environment and app architecture.


One other note. You only connect once to the streaming API, so you should not run into rate limit issues. That is the advantage of using the Streaming API. This would lead me to believe that all of your servers maybe trying to connect, when only one should. Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for the quick response, I’m attempting to inquire about the account being rate limited using the forms there, but I don’t really see one that would be dedicated to rate limiting. I tried submitting a ticket to the general inquiries as well, but was responded to with the statement that I was incorrect in submitting it to that form. Which one would be correct to inquire about. Once again thank you for the quick response!


It is most likely something in your application, so I would start debugging there starting with my suggestions.

Just use “I have a technical question about the Twitter API.” However, given your description, I don’t think that team will find anything.