414 error code response


I am using the REST API to retrieve the information of some users and since yersterday I’m getting randomly 414 responses on the endpoint “users/lookup”. I’ve tried adding a call to “account/verify_credentials” just whenever I get the bad response and then the same response is returned (414 error code).

Could somebody tell me what the error code means exactly? I know the HTTP equivalent is 414 - Request-URI Too Long, but if I try the same call using apigee the API returns a normal result, so I’m really puzzled what this 414 error code can be.



I think you have submitted too many users in the endpoint “users/lookup”.
The maximum number of users in the list is 100 users as stated in https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/users/lookup


I too get this error occasionally when I pass just 50 ids. Is there a limitation on the query parameter (user_id or screen_name) length?