406 error fetching images


By preview tool, I get following error:

•Our fetcher fails to fetch image at URL http://media.chip.com.tr/images/thumb/128/2012080921064656246.jpg.
•HTTP response code: 406.

We are using IIS7, also URL-Rewriter for friendly URL’s but not using any of redirection on image directories.

Image can be seen via any browser, I’m wondering what am I doing wrong:

Example URL’s such as:

As video:


Happens to me exactly the same, and I have the same server. I tried with other images of other servers and it works perfectly. If the problem is the server type, should fix soon.


Same problem for me on shared IIS hosting, redirecting URLs using custom 404 error documents.

Here’s the request from the server logs:
GET /wp-content/themes/twentyeleven-keenoxford/images/OGPLogo.png - 80 - HTTP/1.1 Twitterbot/1.0 - - www.keenoxford.org 406 0 0 1294 191 156

Emulating that the best I can with http://www.rexswain.com/cgi-bin/httpview.cgi gives a 200 response followed by the image:


I can only assume that the HTTP request Accept header from Twitterbot (which isn’t included in the logs) is for some reason incompatible with this.


We are investigating 406 errors.


Thank you so much, we will be waiting for 406’s solution while waiting for approval of @chiponline and http://www.chip.com.tr cards…


I have the same problem, also on IIS. In the interim I’ve uploaded the image to AWS S3 which seems to work fine.


I have same problem IIS 7.5


The problem does, indeed, seem to be that the Twitterbot (or the preview tool) is not configured to work with Microsoft-IIS servers. I similarly receive “406” errors from the preview tool when my image is hosted on my Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server, but no such errors when the same image is hosted on an Apache server.


i have the same problem …


I have the same issue with 406 errors. I’m using IIS 7.5 with URL Rewrite 2.0 module, although the requested image is NOT being rewritten or redirect. Returns 200 with fiddler:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: image/png
Last-Modified: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 22:03:46 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
ETag: "c36663a5fb91cd1:0"
Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 21:40:14 GMT
Content-Length: 175428


Same problem…


Same problem.


Same problem.


Same problem.


@froginthevalley Any progress on 406 issues mate? Or any advices?


I get this problem too. IIS 6.0.


@froginthevalley Hi Sylvain, any update on 406 errors fetching images on twitter cards?


IIS 7.5 has the same problem,
could you help me.


406 problemini çözebildiniz mi acaba?


I’ve got “Failed to get proxied image URL”, i’m on II6
Should it be that 406 error ?