"404 Sorry, that page does not exist." with button "Oauth Test"



Hi everybody,

I make an app and I simply tried to use button “Oauth Test” but unfortunately when I click on it I have “Sorry, this page doesn’t exist”

Do you have any idea ?


Are there any updates on this?


Same problem here.


The OAuth tool was taken offline when we migrated to the new dev.twitter.com design a couple of weeks ago.

I’d suggest you try looking at something like the command-line twurl utility for testing your calls.


same here, facing the same isssue.


Same here. Any updates?


As mentioned above, that tool is no longer available, and we suggest you use e.g. twurl as an alternative.


[quote=“andypiper, post:7, topic:77056”]
Can you please elaborate on how to use it through command line.

Appreciate if you can provide any example


Sure! there’s actually a tutorial here and a video walkthrough here.


When i do with gem it says i have to install ruby and is there any alternatives to install twurl ?


No, twurl is a Ruby-based tool.


Hi Andy,

If the tool is no longer available, kindly remove the button we are all trying to use that leads to the 404 page.

The button is available on the Application Management --> Keys and Access Tokens page.



Thanks for the feedback, it will be removed in our new management console later in the year.


7 months later, button doesn’t work. Maybe you guys should think about removing the button? Or pointing to a page with alternatives?


Thanks, we are working on that update. Apologies for confusion caused.


I’ve seen this error about 6 months ago. It still has not been fixed.


This is not a helpful contribution, nor does it add any value to this thread. Please re-read our community guidelines.

We are working on a refresh of our developer site as documented in our roadmap, and that will cover this work item in the coming months. Apologies if you were confused in the meantime, but it is clear from this thread that this is a known issue.

Closing this thread to avoid further “me too” replies.