403s from site streaming endpoints


We recently had Twitter transfer our Twitter app to a new Twitter account. About a day after that we started getting 403s from the legacy site streaming endpoints. Do we need to request access to use the legacy site streaming endpoints with the new account? Or is the error timing coincidence and something else with the deprecation of the endpoints caused us to lose access?



Site streams are deprecated but will be available until June. You should be migrating to the Account Activity API at this point.

Transferring the app ID to a new account should not have removed the site streams API access, but there is a possibility that this may have happened by accident. You’ll need to open a ticket via the platform support forms process to have that checked.


Hi Andy.

I have a production-ready version of my app that uses the new Webhooks system but I’m afraid to switch completely to the new system (I’m still using UserStream).

Is it safe to use it in production right now? How Twitter will handle the switch from beta to GA (for the Webhooks API endpoints with “env-beta” for example).



These are good questions - I will ask our product team. Thank you for your patience (and for doing the work to migrate to the new API!)