403 on statuses/update.json


Starting intermittently at 2:30pm EST today we started to sporadically receive 403 errors for 1.1/statuses/update.json.
Now they are 100% of the replies from the api endpoint are 403 replies; is this a known issue? I see a few other ‘service disruptuions’ listed today.


My app is also getting 403. But for all requests. This is strange because other apps on platform are working just fine.


We’re also seeing 403 when trying to create tweets. Edit: Started around 11:15am PST for us.


+1. Seems to be occurring on all endpoints, whether I’m creating a status via POST or querying a list via GET, etc.

I don’t get an error message in the response body, just the 403 error code.


+1 all requests are getting a 403. There is no error message but just the response body.


Looking through my logs, this first occurred at 2:31pm EST, which is very in line with the OP; previous API calls have been successful.

This occurs regardless of what IP address I originate the request from. Seems to be tied to the account, although I am able to post statuses from Tweetbot under that same account.


And just as I posted that, the issue seemed to clear itself up as of around 4:07pm EST.


Just a quick question: are all the endpoints https?


In my case, yes. And like @kidneybingos, it cleared at 4:07pm EST


Thanks for this. Looks like it’s back, but I’ll see if there’s any more info I can find…


also cleared for us ~ 1:09pm PST.


Hello everyone,

This could be related to the “blackout” test we did today for the upcoming change in the api.twitter.com that will restrict all HTTP traffic to SSL only. You can check the details here: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/24239

I would recommend that you check your libraries for any HTTP plaintext connections done by them.