403 error when connecting to User stream



Streaming API suddenly stop working for me, it returns 403 error on User stream.

POST https://userstream.twitter.com/2/user.json&delimited=length&oauth_consumer_key=rFTaRclf0jsif11EbLdg&oauth_nonce=4aa3187b42s3f6240920c5ab51a4e9da&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1385098966&oauth_token=839439072-DxbcjhdUys9DoyTxu3QSCHuercPOiWEhazDlqxWG&oauth_version=1.0


Error 403 Access Forbidden.


Problem accessing '/2/user.json'. Reason:

    Access Forbidden.

Yesterday that works fine.


with https://userstream.twitter.com/1.1/user.json nothing is changed


Changing API version to 1.1 NOT helping


Oh, it is HTTP 1.0 issue I think, but today is November 22, not 6th )))


Yes, this is probably it – we were a little late making the cut off on restricting HTTP 1.0.


What was the solution to this? I have the same issue as Ilya.


@i_compman @episod We have the same problem today. I have 3 accounts and today 2 doesn’t work and 1 works fine… And i can see this error. You know what is?

Thank you


How are you attempting connections? Be sure you’re using OAuth 1.0A – only accounts with elevated streaming roles can still connect via basic auth. Do you know if the HTTP library you’re using leverages HTTP 1.1?


I have been using the Phirehose library for Streaming API. It was working great for about a year until last week when it just stopped with the 403 error. It looks like Phirehose lib uses HTTP 1.0 and OAuth 1.0. Do you have any suggestions to fix the 403 error when using the Phirehose lib?


Changing HTTP 1.0 to 1.1 and Oath 1.0 to 1.0A has fixed my issue.


This also solved my issue.