403 error on links in embedded timeline


I’m trying to use the embedded timeline from https://publish.twitter.com. I’m able to embed it and the timeline shows up fine but most of the links (to profiles, tweets, etc.) result in the following error: “403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.”

I don’t understand why it’s doing this - has anyone experienced this before and know of a solution?



same issue here


Hi @twistedpixel8 & @pateldhrumit7,

Can you provide a more detailed report? Links to where the timeline is embedded, urls that give you a 403, and browser/OS used?



@evansobkowicz you can view the embed at https://ladyoftheglen.com/news (top right corner). Just about any link within the embed will result in the 403 error from my original post.

Oddly, if you sign out of Twitter, the links work fine.

I’m using various different browsers (all exhibit the behavior) but as an example: latest version of Safari on latest version of macOS.

Can you please confirm you can reproduce the issue? And hopefully provide some insight into why it’s happening?



@evansobkowicz Did you have any further input on this issue? It’s still happening and there is nothing in the documentation of these embeds to explain why it would happen. I’ve followed the instructions exactly.


Hi @twistedpixel8,

If this is specific to your Twitter account, and happening on twitter.com you should contact Twitter Support here: https://help.twitter.com/en/contact-us. It doesn’t seem like there’s any problem with the Embedded Timeline on your site.


Hi @evansobkowicz,

Did you click any of the links in the embed? It’s not a visual issue. The embed loads fine but if you click a link in it (for example, a hashtag link or whatever), the new page that opens loads with the 403 error.

This is nothing to do with my Twitter account. I just created a new Twitter account to test and the same thing happened.

Please click any link in the embedded timeline I linked to and you will see the issue (assuming you’re logged in). If you’re not logged in, it works fine. I do not understand why this is happening.


All the links work fine for me. Since this seems to be an issue related to your account and twitter.com, I recommend that you utilize help.twitter.com. We’re unable to help you here since the issue is happening on twitter.com.

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