403 error on /1.1/friendships/create


In my application some of /friendships/create gives 403 response.

Regarding to documentation this means that first user already follows second user.

Returns the befriended user in the requested format when successful. Returns a string describing the failure condition when unsuccessful. If you are already friends with the user a HTTP 403 may be returned, though for performance reasons you may get a 200 OK message even if the friendship already exists.

But I checked manually and I see that 403 has some sub errors. When response is HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden, it doesn’t mean that two user is already friends. Sometimes one of them blocked, sometimes user reached follow limit, user already requested follow etc.

Until now I found these codes in my requests:

From a developer forum I found these, but I’m not sure whether htese codes are still active.

  • 108 - Cannot find specified user
  • 130 - Over capacity
  • 131 - Internal error
  • 159 - Sorry, this account has been suspended

Does documentation exists for the 403 response’s sub error codes ?