403 Error code when searching tweets


Hello, from the past few weeks I’ve been stuck on one very annoying issue so I will be really happy if someone tells me why my program crashes. I have this line for searching tweets:

tweets = twitterApiAuth.search.tweets(q=text,count= count, max_id= maxId, since_id = sinceId)

which doesnt fail when I run the program for a first time, but after every next iteration it starts spamming my terminal with "details: {u’errors’: [{u’message’: u’Missing or invalid url parameter.’, u’code’: 195}]."
If I omit one of the parameters - either the since_id or the max_id the program behaves normally but with a combionation of these two crashes. Is that a bug? I saw that some other people reported this problem while ago and didnt find any solution.