401 Unauthorized error, stream API, and URL parameter encoding


I receive 401 Unauthorized errors even though the URL produced seems valid:
I can get this URL to work through a browser and authenticating with username and password and through my IDE which makes me think it is more of an encoding error, but why then the 401?

I am using python and the libraries Twitty Twister and oauth2 and can provide a tcp dump.


Are you using OAuth when you get the 401 Unauthorized error? In your signature base string, are all of those already percent-encoded entities percent-encoded again?

Example signature base string:



hi @episod. Do I have to use OAuth for Streaming?


what I supposed to do now?? Come on.


You will be required to use OAuth 1.0A access tokens to use the Streaming API beginning May 7, 2013. I would recommend switching to using OAuth now.